The Villas – BluePort Altea

The Villas - BluePort Altea

All BluePort Altea residences are situated on private parcels of around 1,000 square meters.

Each villa has approximately 500 square meters of living area, including 5 bedrooms, a grand living room with an open kitchen, a dining room, spacious bathrooms, a fitness centre, and an optional cinema room; they also contain independent service- quarters, an elevator, a garage for 3 cars, ample storage spaces and pleasant inner patios and gardens.

Moreover, we encourage you to give it your own personal touch and uniqueness. The master bedroom, privately situated, offers a wealth of pleasure, comfort and relaxation, and it is favoured with a spacious dressing room en-suite bathroom, jacuzzi, private garden and large windows affording superb views.

Large floor-to-ceiling windows take full advantage of the outside scenario, making sure that wherever you are, the beauty of the sky and the bay is your companion. Because of the position of the villa, you can see all without being seen.

BluePort Altea is surrounded by the amazing blue of the Mediterranen Sea. The blue, the sky, the sea…produce a sense of well being, a spiritual contentment that is difficult, if not impossible, to find anywhere else in other parts of Europe.

To create a living space that enhances such qualities has been our biggest challenge. Our houses are not just beautiful dwellings, but they stand for expentional quality and will be appreciated by those who enjoy life. We are very thrilled to work with a unique team of experts that Altea Hills Estate has put together.

“Each BluePort Altea Residence is conceived to be a world on its own”