Integral Studio – Garden Plan

Integral Studio – Garden Plan

The design and construction of the gardens of BluePort Altea are in the hands of Omar G. Bonvicini, Technical and Agricultural Landscape Engineer. He works with a team of professionals and technicians.

Integral STUDIO has extensive experience in the design, implementation of gardens and natural areas.

Omar G. Bonvicini has designed a modern garden plan for project BluePort Altea. His garden plan represents; rectangular shapes and brilliant colour balances. His focus on exclusive plants and trees from around the world makes his garden plan ” just one of a kind ”.

Each garden element represents a special part of the total garden plan, every tree, every plant tells his own background and story.

His observation on the balance of the colours is one of the most important aspects of his garden plan, the garden is designed to guaranty a “complete private world of comfort and security “

A unique element of his garden plan is the ” roof gardens ” this element creates that each property has unlimited garden views. This perfect combination of timeless villas and fully customized garden plans, ensures that BluePort Altea is one of the most unique projects within Europe.

“Just one of a kind”