Altea has more than six kilometers of the most beautiful and varied coastlines, combining impressive cliffs and turquoise coves with white sandy beaches that proudly display a blue flag all year around.

Embraced by the majestic Sierra Bernia, a chain of mountains that curves into the sea, Altea is guaranteed a perfect climate almost all year round, mild and sunny. Its low humidity levels and the protection of the hills that surround it, create a unique micro climate that the world health organisation has rated as one of the healthiest on the planet.

As you walk through the streets of Altea, or sit at the Palau on a concert night, or stroll with your children in a beautiful sunset, it is not difficult to guess why so many interesting people have made their home here.

For them, Altea is more than just a nice place to live; it’s a lifestyle that allows them to be free while enjoying an everyday life of safety, privacy and incomparable beauty.

From exclusive boutiques. Michelin star restaurants to French or Swiss bistros, gourmet Spanish restaurants, grills and a wide range of Oriental and European tendencies; the rainbow of choices is yours.

“Nothing compares to you”